Upcoming Trip

Coming in the latter part of September and October, I will be traveling through Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali documenting in photographs, the projects Helen Keller International (HKI) is providing in those countries. Their programs prevent blindness and reduce malnutrition worldwide while focusing on local solutions. Please join me as I hope to keep you up to date on my adventures.

Being out and away from the main cities for days, Internet access may be sporadic, so updates will not be on a steady basis. But I hope you’re interested enough to check back often.

Thanks and I look forward to sharing my experiences.

Children from the Kailali district of Western Nepal, 2009   (Photo: © Bartay)

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4 Responses to Upcoming Trip

  1. Kenny Nguyen says:

    Hi Bartay! This is me, Kenny. My mom and I wish you have a safe and fun trip. Good Luck!!

  2. Bartay says:

    Hey Kenny – Thanks for the good wishes — Bartay

  3. ron mori says:


    Obviously got the note you were on the move.. again.

    Here’s wishing you good health, safe travels and a clean camera lens as you take us all to new place and provide an eye on the Keller Int’l work.

    Our best,
    Ron & Jen

  4. Bartay says:

    Ron & Jen,
    Sorry I missed you that day. Glad the note was still on your door!

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